24 March 2010

.we love: eva kim heu

Inspired by the 1920s, the timeless, elegant, simplicity of Eva Kim Heu's hats is influenced by her educational background in industrial design at the University of Applied Science, Vienna.

Passionate about re-igniting people's love of hats, with a belief that the right head accessory can perfect any outfit and accentuate the individuality of the wearer, the designer is committed to the craft of millinery.

Luxury angora and wool felt fabrics are used to create Eva Kim Heu's handmade hats and hat discs. Selected for their durability, weather resistance and luxurious touch, these materials have been used by milliners for centuries.

Modern designs produced using a time-honoured craft is the corner stone of Eva Kim Heu's approach to millinery, resulting in beautiful hats to be enjoyed and cherished for a lifetime.

19 March 2010

.we love: kyoko hashimoto

.photography by rosa rendl
Kyoko Hashimoto is a Japanese born, Australian raised jewellery designer. Prior to launching her label in 2006, Kyoko produced conceptual fine art jewellery, exhibiting in some of Sydney’s most influential galleries including Object, Quadrivium and Art Gallery of New South Wales.

In 2005 she moved to Tokyo where the lure of city’s underground fashion and music scene inspired her to start her jewellery label.

Each of Kyoko’s pieces is carefully handcrafted and finished in her Berlin studio. Her conceptual and fine jewellery background continues to inform her designs and her choice of material, form and construction methods.

14 March 2010

.we are brocade

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