13 April 2010

we love: lucie saint-leu

Lucie Saint-Leu is a French jewellery designer. She graduated from the Ecole Superieure des Arts Decoratifs of Strasbourg, France, where she studied contemporary jewellery for 3 years. After many collaborations with the Barcelona-based clothing brand Cocotte, she presented her third collection in 2009.

Her creations, feminine and refined, mix poetry and humor. The designer draws inspiration from various themes including the Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, Bonnie and Clyde and 1920s cabaret. The delicacy of her pieces and the precision of the details are obtained through the meticulous work of metal cutting. Each jewel is entirely sawed, enameled and assembled by hand.

12 April 2010

we love: elyona

Elyona jewellery are unique wearable pieces which play with the idea of the body as an area for adornment. Each piece of jewellery holds a complex story behind its conception and is handcrafted by jeweller Leona Song Lee.

Generally based on a concept of modern-romanticism, Elyona jewellery takes influences from the designer's experiences of living in different and dynamic cultures. The jewellery collection merges these experiences into interpretations of sophistication and femininity.