8 November 2011

.Dazed & Confused at Somerset House

If you live in London, then there is simply no excuse not to visit the Dazed & Confused 20 year anniversary exhibition. The exhibition can be found at Somerset House (where Kirsty Ward and Susana Bettencourt showed during LFW). A remarkable collection of editorial shoots are on display in exceptionally well structured, mirrored blocks reaching for all angles. Among the photographs you can find many iconic shots of Kate Moss, a particularly stunning set of images featuring Chloe Sevingy, and a beautiful shoot of Arizona Muse(pictured below).

The exhibition covers so many iconic themes from the last 20 years, split by room into 1991-2001, followed by the next decade leading to the current stage of Dazed & Confused. Alongside the first room you will find The Rizzoli bookshop - a fashion geek's heaven. Here lays Carine Roitfeld's 'Irreverent', along with Dazed & Confused's 'Making it up as we go along'.
Definitely worth a peep. Enjoy!